Syllabus 3BL Fall 2010-1

Syllabus 3BL Fall 2010-1 - Fall 2010 Dr MaryAnn Robak...

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1 Fall 2010 Dr. MaryAnn Robak Welcome to Chemistry 3BL The goal of this laboratory course is to continue your introduction to the theory and techniques of experimental organic chemistry. This semester’s experiments will focus on exploring reaction chemistry. The techniques you learned in Chemistry 3AL will be applied to reactions where you will be expected to setup, monitor, work-up, isolate, purify and characterize products. An equally important goal of this course is to teach you how to navigate through the laboratory in a safe and efficient manner. Awareness of the health and safety aspects of laboratory science is fundamental to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the sciences. Lectures Lectures are held Fridays, 5-6 PM in 1 Pimentel or Mondays, 3-4 PM in 100 Lewis. The Monday lecture will always be a repeat of the Friday lecture. Please attend the lecture that you registered for so that there is enough space for everyone. The lectures will NOT serve as a “walk-through” of the actual experiment, but rather will focus on the theory and practical aspects of what you will be discovering in the lab. Many of the topics covered will not be directly related to a particular lab experiment, but will be relevant to the organic chemistry laboratory and laboratory science in general. A tentative lecture schedule is provided below, along with required reading assignments from the laboratory textbook relevant to the topics which will be covered. This schedule is subject to change and any updates or additional reading assignments will be announced on the course website. Week Dates Topic(s) Required Reading Friday Monday (Chapters in Lab Text) 1 8/27 8/30 Introduction, Characterization of Compounds 2 9/3 9/6 No Lecture 3 9/10 9/13 Mass Spectrometry # 1 8.2.1a and 8.2.1b 4 9/17 9/20 Mass Spectrometry # 2 8.2.1c 5 9/24 9/27 Mass Spectrometry # 3 6 10/1 10/4 Mass Spectrometry # 4 8.2.2 7 10/8 10/11 Advanced Chromatography # 1 7.8.1 through 7.8.5 8 10/15 10/18 Advanced Chromatography # 2 7.8.6 and 7.8.7 9 10/22 10/25 Advanced Chromatography # 2 10 10/29 11/1 Qualitative Analysis # 1 11 11/5 11/8 Qualitative Analysis # 2, IR, and UV/Vis 8.3 12 11/12 11/15 Introduction to Chemical Literature 3 and 9 13 11/19 11/22 Miscellaneous Topics, Lab Exam Review 14 11/26 11/29 No Lecture Online Quizzes Throughout the semester, there will be a series of quizzes to be completed online on the course website ( ) . These quizzes will focus on the material covered in lectures, and must be completed individually (no group work). There will be a total of 22 points associated with the quizzes, and there will be no dropped scores. The due date
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2 and time for each quiz will be announced both in lecture and on the course website. No late submissions will be accepted. If you encounter problems which prevent you from accessing the course website for the
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Syllabus 3BL Fall 2010-1 - Fall 2010 Dr MaryAnn Robak...

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