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PSYC305 Chapter 7 Notes - children leaned patterns of...

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Chapter 7- Students with Communication Disorder Syn- with (with synapse, syndrome, synesthesia) Tax- order arrangement (as in taxonomy, taxicab, taxmen) Language disorders include impairments of: - Phonology - Morphology - Syntax - Semantics - Pragmatics Wernicke’s area- Receptive (having difficulty comprehending) Broca’s area- Expressive (form, content: sounds, use: pragmatic) Dialects and Differences: - The way children speak reflects their culture. Before entering school, most
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Unformatted text preview: children leaned patterns of speech and language appropriate Impairment of outer ear: atresia, external otitis, tumors, excessive of earwax, perforation of eardrum Impairments of middle ear: otitis media, nonsupperative otitis media Encourage Language Acquisition: -Use rhythm, talk to infants as if they understand, answer questions, rephrase mistakes correctly. Speech and language disorders involve both physical and psychological processes....
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