PSYC305 Chapter 10 Notes

PSYC305 Chapter 10 Notes - Chapter 10- Students with...

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Chapter 10- Students with Physical or Health Disabilities Prevention: About half the foliate that is in food is absorbed by the body. Women should get 400 micrograms of the synthetic form daily How Spina Bifida Develop: Around the 28 th day after conception, the neural tube is formed from a tiny ribbon of tissue that folds inward to form a tube When the neural tube forms incorrectly or does not close completely defects can occur Physical Disabilities and Health Impairments: Important points to remember: The category of special education includes many different groups of students who have a wide range of abilities and disabilities Many physical disabilities and health impairments are relatively east to prevent - 1974 Federal Rehabilitation Act Section 504: Prohibits discrimination, mandates accommodation Other Health Impairments: Asthma: - Chronic lung disease resulting in a narrowing of airways - Leading cause of absenteeism in school Cystic Fibrosis: - Genetic disorder affecting pulmonary and digestive systems Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS): - Children afforded legal protection under Section 504 *Basic facts about AIDS: - Fatal disease that cannot now be cured - Not spread by casual contact
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PSYC305 Chapter 10 Notes - Chapter 10- Students with...

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