Syllabus - C 175 - The Economics of Climate Change Syllabus...

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Syllabus C 175 - The Economics of Climate Change Spring 2010 Lecture Time: Location: 289 CORY Instructor: Christian Traeger OFce: 322 Giannini Hall Hours: Tuesdays 4pm-5pm or by appointment Phone: (510) 642-9781 Email: [email protected] (please include C 175 in subject line) Sections Monday 3pm-4pm, 283 DWINELLE or Monday 4pm-5pm, 283 DWINELLE Instructor: Charles S´ eguin OFce: 306 Giannini Hall Hours: Wednesday 9:00am-11am (starting 02/03/10) Email: [email protected] The ±rst section on Monday 01/25 is a mathematics review session and will be given by Benjamin Crost. Please try solving the corresponding problem set before the section. You ±nd it under resources on bSpace. The subse- quent sections will be given by Charles S´ eguin. Course Description The class is an introduction to the economics of climate change. We start with a brief survey of the science of climate change and review basic facts about emissions and impacts. We proceed to study various concepts that lie at the heart of environmental economics and economics in general. These concepts include eFciency, externalities, public goods, and instruments to correct market failures like standards, taxes, and cap and trade. Next, we focus on two crucial features of the economics of climate change: intertempo- ral trade-o²s and uncertainty. ³inally, we review international cooperation from an economic perspective employing simple game theoretic concepts and discuss distributional aspects climate change. 1
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Syllabus - C 175 - The Economics of Climate Change Syllabus...

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