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How to Register and Enroll in Your MyFinanceLab Course Welcome to MyFinanceLab! Your instructor has set up a MyFinanceLab course for you. To join your instructor's course, please complete the following two steps: 1. REGISTER for MyFinanceLab, and, 2. ENROLL in your instructor's course To Register for MyFinanceLab To register, you will need a student access code and a course ID . If you don't have an access kit, you can purchase access online at . You will have the choice to purchase access with or without a full etext. Once enrolled in your professor's course, you will also have the option to purchase a discounted version of your text. Textbook: Berk/DeMarzo: Corporate Finance 1e Course Name: UGBA 103 Spring 2010 Course ID: XL0G-C12A-501Y-3622 Steps to Register: Go to and click the Student button, in the Register section. 1. Enter the course ID, XL0G-C12A-501Y-3622 and click Next. 2. Choose to register an access code (came with your new book) or purchase
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This note was uploaded on 09/04/2010 for the course UGBA 103 taught by Professor Berk during the Spring '07 term at Berkeley.

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MyFinanceLab%20registration - First Day of Class...

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