Biology 214 - Syllabus Biology 214 Genes Ecology and...

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Syllabus Biology 214 – Genes, Ecology, and Evolution, Fall 2010 (sec 503) TR 8:00 am – 9:15 am, HELD 105 Dr. Charles Criscione Office: Butler 207 Phone: 845-0917 Email: use eLearning Office hours: by appointment TA: Emily Kasl, Office hours: Wednesday 2-4 pm in Butler 309 or by appointment Phone: 845-0925 Email: [email protected] Text: Evolutionary Analysis, 4th Edition , Freeman and Heron, 2007, ISBN-0132275848. The text is required. There may be questions on exams from readings that will not be covered in class. Prerequisites : Completion of BIOL 111, 112, 123, 124 or equivalent are prerequisite to this course. The material presented in BIOL 214 builds upon material presented in the prerequisites, with an emphasis on population genetics, ecology, evolutionary processes, and evolutionary relationships. Course Description: Genes, Ecology, and Evolution is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on whole organism biology and the interaction of organisms with the environment. This course, along with Biol 213 (Cell and Molecular Biology) is intended to serve as a bridge and prepare students for upper division courses in the biology. Examinations: There will be a total of four exams, three of which will be given during the regular class period and one of which will be given during the final exam period. Each exam (including the final) will cover material from lectures subsequent to the previous exam (i.e., the final will not be comprehensive). Although exams are not cumulative, new material builds upon previous material. Quizzes: There will be 10 quizzes given on random days throughout the semester. They will be really easy, so if you are in class you likely will get full credit for the quiz that day. The quizzes will be designed to spur you to think about the topics covered in the class and to encourage you to attend class. Individuals who take all 10 quizzes will get a bonus of 20
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Biology 214 - Syllabus Biology 214 Genes Ecology and...

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