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2 - 4 Haley compassionate Chloe jovial St Clair does not...

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Vincent Tran Mrs. Schneider English 11 Honors, Period 3 24 August 2010 Notes for Discussion 2. Your conscience causes you to do good deeds, and makes you second guess a bad choice. Once your conscience allows you do make that wrong choice, you will continue this behavior if the consequences are not severe. In chapter 1 Mr. Shelby didn’t want to separate a child and his mother, but he had to in order to keep his land. 3. You should always put your trust in God. Tom endured even while he was being whipped almost to death. Tom listened and obeyed his master.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Haley- compassionate, Chloe- jovial, St. Clair- does not approve of slavery but allows it, Ophelia- opposes the idea of slavery, but does not enjoy the company of slaves 5. Ophelia- hates slaves, in chapter 25 admits that she hates when Topsy touches her and never saw slaves as humans. St. Clair – in chapter 19 when Prue is whipped to death, he says he can’t do anything since he is only one person. When Eva dies, he wanted to free Tom, give Topsy away, and do his best to help out the salves...
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