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Africa - -The Donatist believed that the Christians who...

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Africa - The Romans conquered the Carthaginian territories of North Africa - These became the Roman provinces of Africa in 146 B.C - Early fifth century Africa was lost due to attack from Vandals , because Romans were busy focusing on threats In Rome - Africa was the a granary of the empire, the loss of Africa was a loss that disabled Rome to equip its military - 468 Byzantines and Romans made a last attempt to regain control of Africa, but were repelled Religion - The Berbers are the native people of Africa - While the Romans were in control of Africa, the berbers converted to Christianity - A schism occurred in 303 while Diocletian was persecuting Christians, the Donatists were named after Berber Christian Donatus magnus
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Unformatted text preview: -The Donatist believed that the Christians who denounced their faced during the time of Diocletians persecution should be severely punished-Although the Romans lost control of North Africa, the Berbers still continued the practice of Christianity and Donatism Trade -North African provinces spanned with olive plantations and clay sources-This led to clay lamp making as a crucial industry -Lamps were the most common form of illumination in Rome which led to this production-Lamp making and pottery thrived-It developed into a craft known as African Red Slip ware or African Terra Sigillata -This practice thrived until the late 7 th century long after Rome had lost control of Africa...
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