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Tran 1 Vincent Tran Mrs. Gallatin Algebra 2, Period 7 December 11 2008 Semester 1 Final Exam Essay The most memorable math lesson to me was the lesson about Determinants. Matrices were a little difficult and new. It could’ve gotten confusing learning determinants because we had already learned how to add, subtract, and multiply matrices. There were so many different things to remember, it would’ve gotten difficult to learn determinants and the future lessons with inverse and Matrix Equations. The most memorable part about the lesson was when Mrs. Gallatin did a Disco Dance to help us remember how to multiply to find the determinant of a matrix. We multiplied Top- Down, Slide back, and then Bottom-up. This dance was helpful
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Unformatted text preview: because it made it less confusing and set apart determinants from multiplication so we would not mess up. It was also a helpful tool to remember how to find the determinant. It would be hard to make this learning experience better because it involved our teacher dancing in front of all of us to help us learn. If I had to add something to the lesson though, I wouldve made students go up to the board and ask students to dance too. Itd be pretty embarrassing for them too so they would never forget it, but since this lesson I havent forgotten how to find the determinant of a Matrix....
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