Annotated Bibliography - supposed to expect as a...

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Tran 1 Vincent Tran Ms. Isaacs Honors English, Period 6 4 March 2009 Annotated Bibliography Rosenberger, Erich. How to become a Pediatrician . 4 March 2009. < > Rosenberger provides an overview of the ups and downs of the path of becoming a pediatrician. Rosenberger’s article is intended for high school students interested in a future career of becoming a doctor. Although Rosenberger may not be a pediatrician, she is a doctor and knows what it takes to become a doctor. Stewart, Celeste. Is Being a Pediatrician the Life for You? 8 August 2007. 4 March 2009. < > Celeste’s article includes information on the daily of life of a pediatrician and what you are
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Unformatted text preview: supposed to expect as a pediatrician. Celeste’s work is intended for those who are deciding on a future career path as a pediatrician. Celeste may not be a doctor, but she has interviewed several different pediatricians to write this article. Green, Alan. The Journey to become a Pediatrician . February 2008. 4 March 2009 < > Green provides a detailed summary of what it takes to become a pediatrician, especially during these hard economic times. Green’s article is intended for anyone who is interested on striving to Tran 2 become a pediatrician during these hard times. Dr. Greene is a prominent doctor who has his own website, where he gives advice to curious readers....
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Annotated Bibliography - supposed to expect as a...

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