airvita - ROBERT J GORDON 202 Greenwood Street Evanston IL...

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R OBERT J. G ORDON November, 2005 Department of Economics 202 Greenwood Street Northwestern University Evanston IL 60201-4714 Evanston IL 60208-2600 (847) 869-3544, fax (847) 328-7863 (847) 491-3616, fax (847) 491-5427 Airline-Related Qualifications Research Publications and Working Papers "Airline Costs and Managerial Efficiency," in Transportation Economics , Universities-National Bureau Conference Volume (New York, 1965), pp. 61-92. Book Review of M. R. Straszheim, The International Airline Industry (Brookings, 1969), in Journal of Economic Literature , vol. 9 (March 1971), pp. 122-4. Chapter 4, "Commerical Aircraft," in Robert J. Gordon, The Measurement of Durable Goods Prices . University of Chicago Press for National Bureau of Economic Research, 1990, pp. 111-156. "Productivity in the Transportation Sector," in Z. Griliches, ed., Output Measurement in the Service Sectors , Conference on Research in Income and Wealth (University of Chicago Press for NBER, 1992), pp. 371-422. [mostly devoted to the airline industry]. "Airline Traffic and Profits: The Sun Rises or a False Dawn?" 1994 World Economic and Traffic Outlook (Long Beach CA: McDonnell-Douglas, 1994), pp. 51-55. "Air Transportation: It Matters but How Much?" Chicago Convention 50th Anniversary: Taking Flight for the Twenty-First Century , Aviation Week Group, 1995, pp. 45-48. "Hub and Network Pricing in the Northwest Airlines Domestic System," George Washington
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airvita - ROBERT J GORDON 202 Greenwood Street Evanston IL...

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