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1 ECONOMICS 201-70 INTRODUCTION TO MACROECONOMICS Winter 20 10 Robert J. Gordon, AAH 350 TTh 12:30-1:50 pm TCH LR2 491-3616; [email protected] web site: http://faculty-web.at.northwestern.edu/economics/gordon Office Hours, W 4-5:30 pm or by e-m appointment Teaching Assistants: Aldo Heffner, [email protected] Zenon Zabinski, [email protected] 1. The Course: Its Purpose and Prerequisites . Economics 201 is the basic introduction to economics that must be taken by every prospective economics major. Economics 201 is also taken by many other students as a distribution requirement, as a requirement in some other fields and schools, and just because it is an interesting course about the real world out there. Please note: there are no prerequisites for Economics 201. 2. Required Reading . Textbook, Aplia homework problems, and course packet. See the third page of this syllabus for details. Please note that you do not buy the textbook from the bookstore for this course. 3. Advice . If you don't understand a particular point in the lecture, raise your hand and ask it on the spot. Or come up and ask after class. For detailed questions about the text, problems, and readings, talk to the TA in the section meeting or in their office hours. You will also find that many of your questions only take a minute or two to answer, and for these you should come up after class rather than making a special trip to office hours. You can also reach the TAs or me by e-mail (addresses listed above). The TAs and I both pledge that any e-mail question will be answered within 24 hours, seven days a week. 4. Web Site. This course relies heavily on the web and you need to bookmark three web sites.
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2 (a) My web site (google “Robert J. Gordon”) has several sections, one of which involves teaching. The teaching section of the web site provides past midterm and final exams, including answers. Don’t miss my photo gallery containing 300 photos of economists taken over the past 40 years. You can look through the photos to find your textbook author Paul Krugman and many other economists who are cited in his textbook. (b) Blackboard. This course uses Blackboard extensively, starting with sign- up for TA sections, then to provide supplemental lecture material, and further to post grade distributions and other material relevant to the TA sections. Note that answers to end-of-chapter problems in the textbook are posted on Blackboard. Answers to the mid- chapter “Check Your Understanding” questions are already printed at the end of the textbook (in the Aplia e-book version, just scroll down beyond the last chapter and you will find them there). (c) Aplia. This course uses the electronic e-book version of Krugman’s text and provides you with a lot of electronic assignments that will improve your ability to take closed-book quizzes, midterms, and finals. To provide an incentive for you to use the Aplia assignments, 10 percent of your grade will depend on your score on Aplia graded assignments. The details are provided down below in this syllabus and will be discussed in lecture as well.
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