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Lecture 2 - o Chart-Choices Persons A and B Follow or Cheat...

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Lecture 2 How is Society Possible? September 4, 2007 Hobbes: Contract with King o People make an informal or illicit contract with the King Those who don’t follow will be punished o King Gets power to enforce laws o Problem: Order without Leader There were other societies without a King that still had order. Utilitarians: Social Contract o Rational Decision Makers Use your utilities to reach your goals o Cooperation in Rational Self-Interest Best get what you want by cooperating with other people Durkheim’s Response o Rational to Cheat on Social Contract
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Unformatted text preview: o Chart-Choices Persons A and B. Follow or Cheat? Both cheat Both loose. A Cheats B Follows AWins all. Both Follow share gain o Some Objectives o Examples of Dilemma • Pre- Contractual Solidarity o Culture and Trust You could not trust if culture did not exist o Values and Norms o Observe Effects of Violating Norms People get upset when others violate the values and norms Minor Norm • Ex. Seinfeld close talker Major Norms • Ex. Murder Rewards of Acting Correctly...
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