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Architecture An architect discovers the objective  and requirements  of a building project.  Relying on the client’s requirements, an architect must design a building and carefully  help choose a building site where the client’s company will flourish. Throughout the  process of building, the architect must make proper changes in order for the structure to  be built correctly.   To be able to legally work as an architect, one must have a bachelor’s or master’s  degree in architecture.  Also, he or she must be licensed. To become licensed, one must 
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Unformatted text preview: have a professional degree of architecture, practiced in several years of architectural internship, and passed the Architect Registration Examination. Once he or she is a licensed architect, he/she may choose to work as part of a construction firm/agency or be self-employed. The average salary is $63,000. To personally benefit more in the field of architecture, the architect is good at designing attractive structures. Also, he or she is able to work well with technology....
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