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Discussion - 'o l1J,O tf'Lffi-oa Tyr-Ftrc Z"o a r1^,Jr'e...

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'o tf l.".rytt l1J",O Tyr-Ftrc Vp"J.-r-+q- vt?t.rurtq az'w*'f rb va\4' tn.nu vf'q+<'l Z"o -Yte qP 2'*e ?A--WW ffie9-.1rry7*'uo tt*l nJ- )o..o ar1^*,Jr --44--h >as; *1y A;oM - ucr+rcr*rF *AJo t 'Lffi-oa [email protected]'e vtrp p1+:-f, ' 6 ffii = (0lx <* -1 J l - ) (r4?) dtz- 13 ?. ffifr =tJtE dr \ L4, -)f " (l'u)l ) I ('r'r'/) z $+ 9=D Q ' u ) t - a ( t , u ) r ? c (OlX $t un,"'YJxY ' 1p-r-?ra-JJ,J.".b^'l evft1t -d6*r, 9T, J T Qlltaxu c!?f,)dxaf? = (a'r ;TA<O^ ^.vU ,O-=0 U \1 q$ l l J J t ru"h Tfol1, =dt2F 9P (l'' 21? (, {oz ml.nvt-, p"*J - t*rtln+ qJ- zf-*tphe Pya.+, "r/*.o. r1L tJ-4€uJu f -!-.chrtlq = v,,*tu[, rc"*b -' v qw"'Pat 'l " (4t 11 ts-,ftr) ot"< | L, lt ryrX vaJ-VA) d 1,t'.tJ -rL* $-a?r,{ ' ou*-n!^o-rp'r'r,^"'r)-.^q} l^--n ,: g h 0PI (7'u) t{) -(J '! )<rJ -(0)l T1+ ,-*.4 $)sq ,'n-') ' -y.a ntffi t1''+4\ncan* 7"--^1-;1lto x4LnnS tL'2t + ""^r-")O t1-t{^^ *tuns lu aa 1l vtz-tl cnc efl
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rL{b-t+ ut- o(fz"f o^ or*yu'az'4{- na n - r,*7|t7lla-z o n 7^tvt< ?c7t- EcA-1o^f tthY)d'6, 6CO)r'T*;flctar''''qrrr^h+tP*t"*-&ott&t-*le*a--'+ E,pt o O frr,t.n-l.L &yPto'n^o6'^ frs*hd ott !f'ae+r>* 5 @- 1ftoLot r<fl{av\ t - - r <. I z|(.t.-1)'+,'{- 1)" a' 2 "{.t t !t, - "tn*' 1, 'g'v= sl ft+ g >) Fnfrrr- ir';'+ tt -t'f)'-*r. 6t4 ,z(r+(gL\*tt+l')Y" E rr,X, = r3rffiJ zE.t'1) cr7 L#r e.rrv*it Z, 7(r,1LJ I Er*' 1, * JJ: '|, > *ir,te*)- E,t,1,e *rL#tt'+'liJ ".I* @ F.o*htt-,r
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