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EE119 Discussion Section 4 (02/22/10) Professor: Jeff Bokor TA: Xi Luo 1. Resolution limit of optical systems – Rayleigh’s criterion [Hecht 10.28] The Mount Palomar telescope has an objective mirror with a 508-cm diameter. (a) Determine its angular limit of resolution at a wavelength of 550 nm, in radians, degrees, and seconds of arc. (b) How far apart must two objects be on the surface of the Moon if they are to be resolvable by the Palomar telescope? The Earth-Moon distance is 3.844 × 10 8 m; take λ =550 nm. 2. The Human Eye - Vision Acuity, Accommodation, Vision Correction 1) Your TA wants to demonstrate her accuracy with a bow and arrow. She chooses YOU to place an apple on your head and walk 200m away. a) If the radius of the apple is about 4cm, what is the approximate diameter of the image of the apple cast on her retina? b) If she tells you she can accurately hit any target that she can resolve with her eyes (assume she is not lying and she has normal vision), will she be
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