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EE119 Discussion Section 2

EE119 Discussion Section 2 - EE119 Discussion Section 2...

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EE119 Discussion Section 2 (02/01/10) Professor: Jeff Bokor TA: Xi Luo 1. Birefringence – optical axis, ordinary ray, extraordinary ray; wave plates Example: a) A quarter-wave plate retards one direction of polarization of light by a phase of π /4 relative to the other polarization. A material has an index of refraction of 1.6 along the slow axis and 1.4 along the fast axis. (i) How thick should this material be cut for it to be a quarter-wave plate for 400nm light? What other larger thicknesses could the plate have and still work as a quarter-wave plate? (ii) If a linearly polarized light is normally incident on this quarter-wave plate, how would you orient the plate so that the emerging light becomes circularly polarized? elliptically polarized? or remains linearly polarized? b) Hecht 8.39 Draw a quartz Wollaston prism, showing all pertinent rays and their polarization states. (Refer to p345 of the book) 2. Thin Lens Imaging – analyzing using three rays; real and virtual images; transverse and longitudinal magnification
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