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w03G_Photo_Enhancement - human again • Want to make a fun...

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Memories Old and New now offers digital photo restoration, enhancement, and special photo effects: Is there a photo you love of “the two of you” or your children that was taken in a group? We can digitally recreate the picture to include just the portion you want to keep. Want to add special effects to a favorite photo? We can make an ordinary photo look like it belongs in an art museum. Red eyes making your family look like creatures from space? We make them
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Unformatted text preview: human again. • Want to make a fun picture look like it was taken at the beach or in the rainforest? We can modify the background of almost any photo. • Do you have old black and white family photos? We can copy and enhance the photos, and add color to make your ancestors come alive, creating a real feeling of closeness to the past. We research any time period to apply colors appropriate to the moment the photo was snapped....
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