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FBE 462 – International Trade and Commercial Policies Spring 2010 Professor Vincenzo Quadrini Tuesday-Thursday 4:00-5:50, Classroom JKP110 Office hours Tuesday-Thursday 3:00-4:00, Office HOH 715, Tel. 740-6521, e-mail: [email protected] TA: Jay J. Lin, e-mail: [email protected] This course provides a systematic understanding of critical aspects of international trade which is one of the important forces driving toward globalization, that is, the integration of national business activities into globally competitive markets. It examines the role of comparative advantage as a determinant of the location of production and review several theories that explain why countries trade with each other. It also examines the effects of government policies toward international trade with special attention to trade tariffs, quotas, voluntary export restrictions and subsidies. Another goal of the course is to study the economic and political forces underlying the creation of trade blocs such as free trade areas, custom unions and common markets. The course also studies the welfare, distributional and environmental consequences of trade. Course Materials and Requirements Required textbook: Thomas Pugel, International Economics , fourteenth edition, McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2009. Parts I and II. I strongly suggest that you read (perhaps quickly) the readings indicated in the list of topics below before the class meets. In the class session I will usually cover the concepts and issues that are most challenging, reinforcing and extending what is in the required reading. I suggest that after the class session you review the assigned reading to solidify your understanding. It is important that you develop the ability to use and apply the concepts and tools developed in the course. The best way to do this is by practicing actively. Questions and problems in the textbooks are one source of practice items. In addition, several problem
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FBE462-Bis - FBE 462 International Trade and Commercial...

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