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History 132 Dr. David Shafer First Midterm Study Sheet Fall 2009 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS (i) please print out and bring this study sheet with you to the midterm exam. (ii) you may write notes ONLY ON THE BACKSIDE of this sheet and use this during the exam – you may not write on the front side of the study sheet. (iii) you must write your name on the study sheet AND include it in your bluebook when you turn in your exam. (iv) your exam will be invalidated if you violate any of the above rules. identifications (five of these will appear on the midterm) you will need to: (i) define AND (ii) discuss the historical significance of the term a definitional answer taken straight from the textbook will be given little to no credit. you should use the textbook and lectures to understand the foregoing terms, but must put your definition in your own words. in addition, you will need to explain why your choices are historically significant. land enclosure and consolidation
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