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identifications eight (8) of the following will appear on the final. you will choose five (5) of them. You will be asked to, identify, explain, and discuss the historical significance of each term. crimean war anarchism impressionism dreyfus affair boxer rebellion boer war zionism v.i. lenin social darwinism november revolution (russia) fascism pan-slavism women’s suffrage movement 1878 berlin congress “second industrial revolution” 19 th century anti-semitism sigmund freud paris commune (1871) positivism essays two (2) of the following essays will appear on the final. you will write on one (1) of them. remember to organize your essay prior to writing it. be analytical rather than merely descriptive. one perhaps no war has left more lasting reverberations on western society than the first world war. what short term crises sparked the war? what were the more long-term crises? to what extent and why is the term “total war”
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Unformatted text preview: an accurate characterization of the first world war? • in what respects did the war’s peace terms contribute or facilitate the instability of the 1920s? two assess the impact of colonialism/imperialism on both the western and non-western worlds. • what were the motivations behind imperialism? • what was the impact of imperialism on western culture and the economy? • what was the impact of imperialism on the culture and economy of land under colonial or imperial rule? • what were the major critiques of imperialism? three in the twentieth century, both the nazis in germany and the serbs in former yugoslavia engaged in similar tactics and employed similar nationalist rationales in attempting to effectuate the genocide of, respectively, european jews and bosnian muslims. analyze the accuracy of that statement and discuss the similarities & differences between the two situations....
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