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Glorious revolution : William & Parliament turned to an immediate task establishing the legitimacy of kingship. As parliament had the right to install a new monarch.1968 parliament passed “Bill of rights” i.e. king was subjected to the laws of land, creating a constitutional monarchy. And William agreed to do so. This bill secured the position of the protestors in England. Signifi : as the parliament had demonstrated that the rule lies within the people and people were the one who ruled not the king. And this lead to meeting of parliament annually. Putting out system : was a system in which merchants hired people from villages or peasant class. These people worked for the merchants and when the work is completed the merchants sold the items in the market. Signi : this established an early industrious network which caused the guilds to lose their monopoly over the system. Oath of the Tennis Court : Louis16 had summoned the E.G. in 1788. E.G was divided into 3 parts: Clergy, nobility, commoners. But 3 estate had no right to vote and the monarchy was the one who use to control. The 3 estate declare itself the National Assembly & asked other two to join. After 3 days they found the assembly closed, due to which they decided to take the oath at tennis court, vowing that to move until France had the constitution. Signi : this lead to monarchy to accept the 3 estate proposal showing that in France rule of monarchy was coming to end & a constitution was to be formed. Wet Nurse : they were the female who provided breast milk to new born babies in the cities. Child 2 yrs. Due to some religious taboo this nurse was hired. Signif: milk provided was immunized. As the survival of babies was minimum. This milk helped to healthier and protected them from many diseases. And this lead to survival of
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