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Homework Assignment 4 1. A river flowing toward a lake at an average velocity of 5 m/s at a rate of 200 m 3 /s at a location 100m above the lake surface. Determine: a. the total mechanical energy of the river water per unit mass. b. the power generation potential of the entire river at that location. p.s. the density of water to be = 1000. kg/m 3 2. A modal aircraft internal-combustion engine produces 20W of power. Determine how much power is this in: a. lbf ft/s? b. hp? 3. Determine the power required to accelerate a 1000-kg car from rest to a velocity of 80 km/h in 20s on a level
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Unformatted text preview: road. 4. Solve the following system of equations using EES: X – Y + Z = 5 XY + 2Z = -2 ln(X) / Y * Z = 6 For this problem, it is sufficient to include a printout that contains the equations window, the formatted equations, and the solution. 5. What is mechanical energy? How does it differ from thermal energy? What are the forms of mechanical energy of a fluid stream? Due Friday June 11, 2010 10:00AM...
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