greek lit study guide 3

greek lit study guide 3 - Lysistrata (411, Lenaia) Shortly...

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Lysistrata (411, Lenaia) Shortly after Sicilian expedition - shortage of middle aged males. Aristophanes - 427-386, in love with Socrates, 11 survived of at least 40 plays. Old Comedy - Elements - grotesque display of stomach and phallus, highly sexual, nothing sacred in comedy - could make fun of those in power, large chorus, ends in festive scene with wine, food, sex. Cast - Lysistrata - (To break/lines of army) - Athenian woman, masculine, sick of wars and treatment of women, ringleader Kleonike - (fame/victory - famed for victory) - Lysistrata's neighbor, first to show up at meeting Myrrhine - (spice/aphrodisiac) - seduces husband Kinesias and refuses sex at last minute Kinesias - (moving) - Myrrhine's husband, first to be affected by sex strike Lampito - (shining/bright) - Spartan, brings Spartan women into plan against men Plot - Lysistrata calls women to Athens to discuss Peloponnesian wars. Calls for a sex strike against the men and locking themselves in the Akropolis. The women agree, and the chorus of old women to take the Akropolis. Chorus of old men and Chorus of old women have a comical fight over the Akropolis which the women win. Kinesias comes home, and Myrrhine seduces her husband then leaves him without sex. More and more men come home, and Lysistrata uses her maid Peace as a sexual display for the men. They finally agree on terms of a treaty using Peace's body as the map, then have a party together. 5 complaints of women -
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greek lit study guide 3 - Lysistrata (411, Lenaia) Shortly...

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