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EEN 204 Lab Report 4 (bridges)

EEN 204 Lab Report 4 (bridges) - UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI...

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UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EEN 204 Name: __________________ Section: __________________ Date: __________________ EXPERIMENT 4 WHEATSTONE AND OWEN BRIDGES / PHASE MEASUREMENTS PURPOSE: The main purpose of this lab is to introduce the student to two new bridges (Owen and Wheatstone bridges) and to be able to construct them and manipulate the values in them using the oscilloscope. Another purpose of this lab is to be able to examine the phase shift due to elements such as resistors in the circuit. Usually to measure the resistance of an element we only measure the current flowing through that resistance and the potential difference across it. In this lab we find the importance of making sure of using ideal ammeters or internal resistances of zero and voltmeters which include internal resistances of simply a very high value or simply infinity. However, these instruments do not provide accurate and precise measurements as they both have an infinitesimal offset. Bridges, however, can be accurate in measuring resistances. In this lab, we find out how to use these bridges and how to balance each type of them accordingly. Equipment 1 DC Power Supply 1 Frequency Generator 1 DVM (Multimeter) 1 Variable Resistance Box 1 Variable Capacitance Box Preliminary Work a) Derive the balancing equation for the circuit in Fig. 4.1 ( Hint: the current across the voltmeter must be zero). b) Derive the balancing equations for the circuit in Fig. 4.2. c) Read Appendix B on the theory of Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO) prior to coming to the laboratory. EEN 204 Laboratory 1 EXPERIMENT 4
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Experimental Procedure I. Wheatstone Bridge : a) Set up the circuit of Fig. 4.1. Use a variable resistance box for R 1 , let R 2 = 470 , R 3 = 1 k , and set the DC power supply to 5 V. The balancing equation is shown below the circuit.
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