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HB 161 Basic Counselling Skills Assessment 1 Video Tape and Process Report Liz Stevens Transcript Behaviour/Skills used Identify affect & My inner resonance Comment on the Encounter N: But. . I don’t know how to trust people anymore cause as soon as I trust somebody I get hurt. How many times have I been hurt? Way too many! This could have gone down a different path if the issue of being hurt had been addressed. C: Mmmmm ( nod) Encouraging/Attending N: I’m just scared that this is causing me to breakaway completely from everybody because I’ve been here now for, I’ve mentioned I think. . for 10 or 11 months and I haven’t actually met really good friends. I’ve got this really nice couple that I’ve made friends of . . ummm I have broken away from friendships for various reasons. Has trust become an issue? When he mentioned a nice couple I was taken back to a time when we developed friendships and were betrayed so I deviated away from that, protecting my own emotions. I know that because I wanted to stay on topic and get him to start thinking about what he is currently doing where he lives that the conversation detoured and I stopped attending and manipulated the session. If I had attended to him I would have asked about his friendship with the couple and what that was like. C: So what do you do in order to make friends? Like have you actually stepped out and attempted to do it? Open question Safety is established for me when I re-routed the conversation. The question may have sounded confrontational (although the tone of voice did not reveal that), as if the client has not done things that could have benefited or enhanced his life. N: Physically where I live you mean? C: Either yes. Mentally. . physically. Open question Louanne Gard # 406323 1
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Assessment 1 Video Tape and Process Report Liz Stevens N: Umm. . well what I have done basically. I’ve gone out with my flatmate and I thought I was going to make friends that way and it turned out that every time it was more and more frustrating so stopped going out with her and her friends and I want to meet more people, but I’m not going to go out to a pub or a club where I don’t know anybody. Is he making up excuses? Do I make up excuses because it is easier to wallow in my own self pity?? This was a good opportunity to reflect back to him frustration. By just saying the word ‘frustration’ it may have allowed him to examine his own frustrations whether they be with himself, work, friends etc. It would have stayed on topic but gone a little deeper. C: Mmm hmm (nods) Encouraging N: Umm. . what I have been doing just recently is start looking on the internet for south African groups. . I’m from South Africa C: Mmmhmmm Attending N: And I thought maybe south African groups in the area where I’m living in might be a good idea. C: Mmm hmm
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Tape-transcript1 - HB 161 Basic Counselling Skills Liz...

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