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ICT211 Specimen Examination Paper Encryption Techniques and System Security ____________________________________________________________________ Time allowed: 1.5 hours ____________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: 1. This examination contains SIX (6) questions and comprises THREE (3) printed pages (including cover page). 2. You must answer ALL SIX (6) questions. 3. All answers must be written in the answer book. At the end of the examination Make sure that you have written your examination number on each answer book used. Failure to do so will mean that your work cannot be identified. Put your answer books together with your signed desk record on top. Fix them all together with the paper fastener provided. This question paper must NOT be removed from the examination room. The University reserves the right not to mark your script if you fail to follow these instructions. 1 of 3
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[20 marks] Consider the following statements. Answer TRUE or FALSE and give reason for your answer. (a) The message confidentiality means the original plaintext message cannot be determined by the receiver. (b) Nonrepudiation is a security attack. (c) AES is an encryption algorithm that requires two keys. (d) Threshold detection is not a rule-based intrusion detection. (e) A typical virus will clone itself and place the copy into other programs. This is done in execution phase. [For each statement, TRUE/FALSE: 2 marks; reason: 2 marks, total 20 marks] Question 2 [10 marks] In designing security solutions, it is a common practice in the security community to use an openly known cipher algorithm. Only the key is kept as a piece of secret. Name two advantages of this approach. [10 marks]
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ICT211_SEPwSolution - ICT211 Specimen Examination Paper...

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