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1 Bio1B Evolution 6 Last lecture : Evolutionary processes Mutation as the ultimate source of variation; effects on fitness Migration (as gene flow ) Selection – Fitness – Forms of selection – Heterozygote advantage - eg. sickle cell anaemia – Directional selection - eg. coat color in mice Today Evolutionary processes • Selection – Directional selection - expt evidence; genome signatures • Why have sex - cost of sex, alternatives, proposed advantages 2 Experimental evidence for rapid evolution due to selection Eg. guppy color - field experiments; text pp.460) • Others - microbial evolution etc etc Fig. 22.13 3 Forms of selection (Fig. 23.13) 4 Genomic signatures of recent selection New mutation arises that increases fitness Under directional selection increases to p = 1; drags linked sites with it Results in a region of low variation relative to others Variation Variable site high high high low Storz 2005
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5 Genomic
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moritz6-1 - Bio1B Evolution 6 L a s t le c t u r e :...

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