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Unformatted text preview: Be neand Arom nze aticity 1825 Faraday discove be neby pyrolysis of whaleoil: C rs nze olorle ss liquid bp ~80°C Ve unre . ry unre active . Analysis: C: H 1 :1 Michae Faraday l Michae 1791-1867 1791-1867 S ynthe Mitsche sis: rlich by che ical m de gradation of be nzoic acid (1833): de C OOH C H6 6 Eilhard Mitsche rlich 1794– 1863 C yclic structure Ke : kulé 1865 1865 Nomenclature Nomenclature Many com on nam s be e causem be nede any nze rivative occur s Many m in nature Functional groups havepriority, but othe are . rs substitue he alkylbe ne halobe ne nitrobe ne nts, nce nze , nze , nze . substitue Disubstitute d: ortho m ta e para Functional groups t akeove r: Functional I UPAC acce d pte acce Ge ral te for be necontaining com ne rm nze pounds: Are . ne...
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