Cation le se ix brom ocyclohe ptatrie spontane ne

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Unformatted text preview: uch But, cation: 4 e ctrons! cation: le Se ix Brom ocyclohe ptatrie spontane ne ously dissociate S e But, thecyclohe s: ix . ptatrie anion nyl anion Brom is unstable pKa of cyclohe : ptatrie ~ 39!, 8 e ctrons. ne le is of Hückel’s Rule in Charged Transition States Wehavealre se n ne ady e utral e xte TS but this is ge ral for othe [4n -se t s, ne r We t his +2], including charge TS . ds +2], Hydrideshift in carbocations: 2 eTS Hydride [4n +2], n = 0. Cyclopr enium ion: planar , ar omat ic Hückel’s Rule in Polycycles Hückel’s Good approxim ation: Count pe riphe e ctrons ral le Good pe Arom atic I solate d Pe riphe arom ry atic: 14 e Pe riphe arom ry atic: 18 e . Pe C also bevie d as 3 be ne an we nze s. But: But: Antiarom atic Antiarom Base 10...
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