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Unformatted text preview: prosy) Malaria occurre nce 4. Frie l-C de rafts re actions: Alkylation and alkanoylation Alkylation (acylation) (acylation) A. Alkylation A. Le acid wis Me chanism : Charle Frie l s de 1832-1899 Jam s Craft e 1839-1917 Ofte low yie Proble s: 1. Product contains an e n lds. Proble m -pushing alkyl group, m aking t hebe ne nze m re ore active causing ove , causing ove ralkylation; 2. Le acid activation m s carbocationic alkyl, which ake carbocationic 2. wis is proneto re arrange e and polym rization. m nts e re polym B. Alkanoylation (acylation) - se ctive le B. Me chanism : Me Le acid ne de in e wis e d quim am olar ounts, be causeit binds to product: product: EAS I m e : m diatesynthe takehom le tic e ssons 1. Halobe ne m Grignards, lithiumre nts nze s ake age 2. Alkanoylbe ne havecarbonyl function nze s Weshall se ne (C e xt hapte 16) how to usethenitro and sulfonyl r We functions. f unctions....
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