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Ne are c h5 is phe ge ral aryl 6 nyl ne aryl phe ge c

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Unformatted text preview: Are C H5- is phe ; ge ral aryl. 6 nyl ne aryl. phe ge C H C - is phe e or be . H is phe nylm thyl or be nzyl Be causem be nede any nze rivative e s xhibit a nicesm ll, com e pounds containing the be nering we calle historically “arom . nze re d atic” “arom S tructure Re : gular He xagon Both theπ and σ f ram sym e e m trizethestructure Both Be neis unusually unre nze active Doe this m an that it is also . s e e cially stablethe odynam spe rm ically? Look at ΔH° of hydroge nation: hydroge RE = (2x28.6) – 54.9 = 2.3 Product is thesam for all: cyclohe e xane Calculated ΔH°(H ) = Calculated (3x28.6)–6.9 = -78.9 (3x28.6)–6.9 S cial stability is now calle arom pe stability d aticity. All cyclic 6earrange e arearom m nts atic, including...
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