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Lect+9+Metabolism++Study+Questions - 6 What are ketones and...

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Lect 9 Metabolism Study Questions Fall 2009 1. What types of enzyme reactions require ATP? What types give off ATP? 2. Why can’t fatty acids provide glucose for energy for the brain? What other types of energy sources can be converted into glucose? 3. What can the glucose in blood be used for? 4. What can lipids in blood be used for? 5. What are some disadvantages of using body protein for energy?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What are ketones and why does the body make them? 7. What metabolic changes occur with prolonged fasting? 8. Why would diabetics develop ketosis? 9. Why is the ATP/ADP ratio a good regulator of energy releasing reactions? 10. Under what circumstances does the body convert amino acids into glucose?...
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