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Lect+12+Iron+Study+Questions - What are some causes of...

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Lect 12 Iron and Immunity Study Questions Describe the differences in structure and function between hemoglobin and myoglobin. What are the effects of too little iron? Too much iron? What is the difference between heme iron and non-heme iron? What foods contain these forms of iron? What factors affect the absorption of non-heme iron? What are the mechanisms of their actions? Describe the differences in structure and function of transferrin, ferritin, & hemosiderin. What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?
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Unformatted text preview: What are some causes of anemia? Joan is always tired and thinks she may be anemic. What should she do? What tests would indicate her iron status? Jessica has heard that people should not eat meat because too much iron causes free radical damage. How should you reply to her? Malnourished children get frequent infections. Why? Joe’s uncle is worried that he may have hemochromatosis. What are the risk factors and symptoms of this disorder? Should Joe be concerned that he could have it too?...
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