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Lect+13+Fat+Soluble+Vitamins+Study+Questions - Prof Amy...

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Lect 13 Fat Soluble Vitamins Study Questions (Also for Lecture 14) Describe how the digestion of fat soluble vitamins is different that the digestion of a water soluble nutrient. What are the functions of Vitamin A? What is the difference between b-carotene and retinol? Severe Vitamin A deficiency causes xerophthalmia. How does Vitamin A deficiency cause this type of blindness? Retinoids are used to treat severe cystic acne and psoriasis. Please explain why they work successfully with these diseases. What does teratogenic mean? Do you want it for breakfast? Do we need dietary Vitamin D? Why? How does Vitamin D function?
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Unformatted text preview: Prof Amy spent her sabbatical surfing in Australia. She is worried about Vitamin D toxicity. Please advise her about how much Vitamin D is too much. Suzie hardly ever consumes foods containing calcium. She says that her circulating calcium levels are just fine so she shouldn’t worry about her calcium levels. What should you think? What should you say? What is the evidence that many people have inadequate levels of Vitamin D? Why do people break their hip bones when they have osteoporosis? Vitamin E is listed as an ingredient in many different types of foods. Why ? What is the function of Vitamin K?...
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