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1 Study Questions, Plant Midterm Note: The midterm is going to be multiple-choice. However, I felt that to get you studying, it would be more helpful to give you some general synthesis questions, so you can start thinking about the main themes for this section of the course. You will find that some of these questions are very similar to the synthesis questions you had in lab. Sorry if it’s repetitive. Hopefully now you can see the big picture of plant evolution. Please use these questions as a general guide to get you thinking about what is important as you go back and review the material. Also make sure you consult Dr. Feldman’s “Sample Questions/Concepts” on the Bio 1B website. Good luck! 1. You have been hired to build Mecha-Linnaeus, a computer that will act as the world’s first robot taxonomist. The fully operational Mecha-Linnaeus should be able to distinguish between all of the taxonomic groups below: Fungi Mosses Physarum (slime molds) Conifers Cyanobacteria Ferns Brown Algae
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Plant+Midterm+Study+Qs - Study Questions, Plant Midterm...

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