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1 Business in the Contemporary Society 15 January 2010 IBM "With respect to its stakeholders, The International Business Machines Corporation acts in an ethical and socially responsible manner. Company stakeholders include the stockholders, management and the board of directors. Other stakeholders include employees, suppliers, customers, banks and other lenders, regulators, and the community at large. Samuel J. Palmisano is the current Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. In this paper I plan to educate the class on the history of IBM and how global corporate citizenship, corporate social responsibility, and business ethics all play a role in this corporation’s day to day business. After all IBM’s history has had a real and lasting impact on the world because of their unique character and core values with a special emphasis in behavior and performance (IBM Archives). IBM's character has been formed from nearly 100 years of doing business in the field of handling information. In its earliest stages of creation, IBM was known as The Computing Tabulating Recording Company. The CTR was a product of a creative merger including three 19th-century companies. These three companies were the Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company and the Computing Scale Company of America. The CTR Company was incorporated on June 16, 1911 in New York State although its first roots and origins date back to the first dial recorder, invented by Dr. Alexander Dev in 1888 and to the innovations made by the Bundy Manufacturing Company in 1889. Beginning as far back as 1914, Thomas Watson Sr. began shaping CTR into a leader of technology and innovation. The company was on its way to becoming an emergent
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2 multinational corporation for all to emulate. The Computing Tabulating Recording Company was laying the very framework in which IBM was built upon. In fact the increased attention and popularity amongst consumers and the business community prompted the company to change its name in 1924. It was changed to what we know today as IBM but what was introduced then as the International Business Machines Corporation. From the start, IBM was determined to define itself as an innovator in society and as a socially responsible corporation inter twined with deep rooted core values. During the Great depression IBM stuck to their core values and ensured their mission was right on track. They were one of very few corporations in the United States who could provide continued employment to their staff while actually expanding the need for personnel just to keep up with levels of current production during the depression (IBM Archives). Astonishing enough IBM was a key player in the formation of the Social Security Act of 1935 in the United States, which was considered, the biggest accounting operation of all time (IBM History). During the Second World War international commerce came to a screeching halt but
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MGMT3100_IBM3 - 1 Business in the Contemporary Society 15...

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