Castillo 1 - Castillo 1 At the conclusion of the Civil War,...

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Castillo 1 At the conclusion of the Civil War, America was experiencing post-war depression especially in the South. Men, women, and children wished to discover new opportunities and reestablish their understanding of what it meant to live in a free country to secure vast fortunes due to the resources accessible only in that particular region of the country. Cattle, gold, and coal were only a few of the reasons settlers moved west but they were definitely the main ones. The growing popularity in establishing businesses to acquire and profit off of these goods would lead to competition and then violence. Eventually this violence would lead to two events based on the injustices of bureaucracy and the determination of poor workers to acquire wealth: the Johnson County Range War and the events that took place at Ludlow. What this dissertation seeks to provide are the causes of these two events along with the perceptions that both parties felt during the time of these events. The causes of the violence in Johnson County began with the rising of the cattle business. As settlers moved farther west they discovered large herds of unclaimed cattle. Within a year people could earn immense fortunes. For example, a Denver banker invested $76,000 in 1900 herds of unclaimed cattle and a ranch from 1878 to 1882. Beginning in 1880 he sold the cattle and by 1883 had earned a net profit of $120,000. 1 Thus many of the cattle owners would make their fortune and hire rustlers to tend to the cattle. 1 Johnson, Marilynn S. . Violence in the West: The Johnson County Range War and the Ludlow Massacre. Bedford/St. Martins. 2009. Pp. 39.
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In the prospect of gaining capital, many rustlers resorted to maveracking, a procedure in which they would brand a newborn calf with a different brand than the mother. This practice became the direct cause to the Johnson
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Castillo 1 - Castillo 1 At the conclusion of the Civil War,...

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