LIN200_JWeisenberg Syllabus SP10_v2 march 9

LIN200_JWeisenberg Syllabus SP10_v2 march 9 - Language in...

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A = 94% and upC = 73 – 75% A- = 90 – 93% C- = 70 – 72% B+ = 86 – 89% D+ = 66 – 69% B = 83 – 85% D = 63 – 65% C+ = 76 – 79% D- = 60 – 62% F= 59% or below Language in the USA version Jan. 26, 2010 Course No.: LIN 200.01 Room: Old Chemistry 138 WESTCAMPUS Time: Tues/Thurs 3:50p-5:10p Instructor : Dr. Julia Weisenberg Office: SBS S-209 Office Hours: Tues 10:00a-12:00p, Thurs 2:00-3:00p or by appointment E-mail: [email protected] Ph: 631-632-7777 Teaching Assistants: Ginny Anderson email: [email protected] Social Behavioral Sciences Bldg, N202 Office hrs: 9:00-10:30a Wed Andy Canariato email: [email protected] Social Behavioral Sciences Bldg. Office hrs. N234, TBA Chih-hsiang Shu email: [email protected] Social Behavioral Sciences Bdlg. N232 Office hours Mon 3:00-4:30p; and Tues 10:00a-11:30a *or contact your TAs or J Weisenberg for additional appointment times Course Description: What is the role of language in the transformation of ethnicity in the US? This course introduces students to the diversity of experiences with English and native or immigrant languages that has shaped individual and group identities and had a significant impact on the cultural, educational, and political fabric of the nation. We study the language histories of the principal ethnic and racialized groups in the U.S., with particular attention to intra-group differences and inter-group comparisons, to understand how particular languages, dialects, and ways of speaking are involved in the construction of privileged or stigmatized identities. In particular, we address the assumption that "the language problem" is at the root of many of our nation's ethnic tensions, and we discuss the repercussions of personal and institutionalized responses to the increasing linguistic and ethnic heterogeneity. Important themes include the implications of linguistic discrimination for the survival of minority languages and cultures, the educational success of children, equity in the workplace, and inter-racial/ethnic conflict. Required Texts : 1) Language in the USA : Themes for the twenty-first Century. Edited by Edward Finegan and John R. Rickford. (2004). Cambridge University Press. ISBN: 052177747 2) English with an Accent . Rosina Lippi-Green. (1997) Routledge. ISBN: 0415114772 3) Additional readings are available on Blackboard. Grading : Attendance: 10% Quizzes: 20% Homework: 20% Midterm Exam 20% Final exam: 30% Jweisenb sp_2010; lin200 1
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Administrative : 1. All students will be assigned to one "primary" TA. All questions and comments regarding your homework and quizzes should be addressed to your primary TA . All homework can be collected from your primary TA. You should attend office hours of your primary TA only unless you make arrangements yourself. 2.
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LIN200_JWeisenberg Syllabus SP10_v2 march 9 - Language in...

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