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LIN 200 Assignment Due Thursday March 4, 2010 Topic: Through Deaf Eyes - ASL and Deaf Culture Unit Questions: 1) THROUGH DEAF EYES begins with the following true or false quiz: All deaf people use sign language. Sign language is universal. Deaf people live in a silent world. Having a deaf child is a tragedy. All deaf people would like to be cured. [Answers: All are FALSE!] a. What does this “quiz” reflect? What does it imply? b. Do these questions represent common perceptions of the deaf? Explain. c. Does the film demystify issues related to deafness? Explain. d. What impact did the film make on your understanding of deafness?
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Unformatted text preview: 2) Describe and discuss the ways the deaf/Deaf community has taken action politically, as activists/protestors, through legislation, formation of associations to ensure that its needs are recognized and honored? How has this action influenced not only the deaf/Deaf community, but the way in which society treats and engages with it? 3) The film points to the many technological products that have made an impact on deaf people. Describe this technology and its influence, both negative and positive. **Remember this assignment must be typed and submitted to your TA at the beginning of class on Thursday March 4, 2010....
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