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1 AAS221 Midterm/A (60points) Name___________________ Student ID No._______________________ Part I: Yes or No: Was this invented in China? (10 points) 1. _N_abacus 2. _Y__ chopsticks 3._Y__ paper 4._N__ chess 5. _N__ glass-blowing 6. _Y__ gunpowder 7._N__ candle 8._Y__ silk 9.__N_ water wheel 10. _Y__ parachute Part II. True or False: (15 points) 1. _T__ Dynasty changes were sometimes related to climatic changes. 2. _T__ One reason that brought the decline of the Silk Road was the Tang dynasty’s downfall, which led to political chaos, an unstable economy and lack of demand for luxury goods. 3. _F__ The Pearl River has been called “the sorrow of China” because of its frequent and rampageous floods which cause great hardship to people living on its banks. (YELLOW RIVER) 4. _T__ Jade is extremely hard and consequently difficulty to work on. The early pieces found in China were probably carved with abrasive sand. 5. _F__ Although no archaeological evidence was found yet, the first dynasty described in ancient Chinese historical records is the Zhou dynasty. (XIA DYNASTY) 6. _F__ Matteo Ricci defined Confucianism as a pagan religion because Confusians practiced ancestor worship. (PHILOSOPHY) 7. _T__ From the 9 th century on, maritime routes controlled by the Arab traders gradually overshadowed the land route. 8. _F__ Michel Benoist was a Jesuit who introduced Chinese artists to many western painting techniques and was known for his portraits and animals. (GIUSEPPE CASTIGLIONE) 9. _F__ Jeme Tien Yow was the first Chinese student to graduate from a U.S university.(YUNG WING) 10. _T__ There are two major schools in Buddhism: one is the Mahayana or ‘Great Vehicle’, and the other one is Hinayana or ‘Lesser Vehicle’. 11. _F__ The first systematic Chinese writings were found on bamboo and silk.(ORACLE BONE) 12. _F__ China received Ivory and porcelain from Europe through the goods trade along the Silk Road. (IVORY-ANNAM) 13. _T__The dominance of Ottoman Empire in the Middle East and North Africa forced Europeans to search for a new route to the Far East.
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2 14. _F__ Xuan Zang and Jian Zhen were two Chinese monks who went to India to seek
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version%20A_mid-term - AAS221 Midterm/A(60points Student ID...

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