problemset1 - Elementary Logic(Philosophy 1006 Problem...

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Elementary Logic (Philosophy 1006) Problem Set #1 Name: ____________________________________ Student ID:____________________________________ Faculty: ____________________________________ email: ____________________________________ Mark: _______ % ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Due 14 October 2005 by 4:45PM. Submit your problem set to Ms. Loletta Li in the Main Building room 302. (If she is not available, go to room 312, the Philosophy department General Office.) Make sure your problem set is timestamped . Do not submit assignments by email. Late penalty: 10% for each day late. This problem set will not be accepted after October 20. Answer the questions on the problem set itself. Write neatly. If the grader cannot read your handwriting, you will not receive credit. Be sure that all pages of the assignment are securely stapled together. Check the course bulletin board for announcements about the assignment. Do your own work . If you copy your problem set, or permit others to copy, you may fail course.
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Elementary Logic/PS1 1 Question 1 (10 marks) True or false? Circle "T" if the statement is true and circle "F" if the statement is false. T F Logic is a science which tells us how people actually reason. T
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problemset1 - Elementary Logic(Philosophy 1006 Problem...

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