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10.1 Instructions - they be obtained? II. Discuss how the...

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YSCN0017 From Sherlock Holmes to Modern Forensic Science Case Study Assignment Please consult the Case Allocation Table in the WebCT of this course under the Course Notes Section for the case number assigned to you. Download the file of your assigned case. Imagine that you are an officer of a Forensic Science Laboratory. You are assigned to assist in the investigation of a case. Based on the information provided in the file that you downloaded, you are required to write a two-page essay on the following issues: I. List the evidence that you are going to collect for your case. For each item, you should include the following: 1. Description of the Item: e.g. , name, location, etc . 2. Type of Analysis: e.g. , fingerprint, DNA, chemical analysis, tool marks, blood test, etc. 3. Control Sample: Are control samples needed? From whom or where should
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Unformatted text preview: they be obtained? II. Discuss how the evidence that you have collected will be used to solve the case. III. In addition to the evidence described in your case file, suggest further evidence that may be helpful in solving the case. You are required to hand in a hardcopy and a softcopy of your essay. The due date of the assignment is April 8, 2009 . • You can submit the hardcopy of your essay to a teaching assistant of YSCN0017 at the entrance of the lecture theater LE1. Please remember to write your Name, Student ID and Case number at the top of your essay. Alternatively, you can drop your essay in the YSCN0017 assignment box on the first floor of the CYM Chemistry Building. • Please submit the softcopy to the WebCT under the “Assignment” tab ....
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