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Case Studies: Crime Case Closed This site contains profiles of infamous crimes and criminals. It also provides information of DNA and gunpowder analysis techniques. Federal Bureau of Investigation This is the official FBI website which provides background information of FBI's investigative authority and how the FBI agents fight against the crimes. The site also contains lots of real cases include children abuse, organized crime and drug trafficking cases. Forensic Dentistry Online Extensive "bitemark" homepage contains many links related to forensic dentistry. It also includes some simple case studies of bitemark identification and introduction of
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Unformatted text preview: criminal investigation process. Jack the Ripper The interesting site contain information of famous London serial killer (1888), later to be referred as "Jack the Ripper" and the victims. Conversion with the Ripper are also provided in the role play. Forensic Anthropology The site contains applications of anthropology to some real cases. Court TV's Crime Library The site provides information about criminal minds and methods. It also mentions the latest murder cases and different types of investigations. Crime Scene An interesting site contains many fake murder cases for practicing criminal investigation....
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