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Econ0602-Review - China ± You should also be able to...

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Course review and final exam ECON 0602 Contents 1. Introduction: Course Description. 2. Economic Reform and Growth: The Great Awakening of China 3. A General Framework of Globalization 4. China s Foreign Trade: A General Picture 5. FDI in China: A General Picture 6. China s Foreign Trade: Special Issues 7. FDI in China: Your Investment Strategies 8. FDI in China: How Does FDI Shape Domestic Competition (car industry) Readings Lecture notes Required readings, especially those uploaded in the course website Read those articles along with the lecture notes Questions Five questions Example 1 Which country/region has the largest FDI in China and explain why? Example 2 Describe some features of the competition in China’s domestic car market.
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Answers You are not required to memorize the statistics, but you are expected to remember some important features You are expected to understand some
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Unformatted text preview: China. ± You should also be able to provide reasonable explanations to the observations Office hours ± Office hours ± 9-12, Friday, Dec 10 ± 9-12, 2:30-4:30, Tuesday, Dec 15 ± TA’s office hour ± Office: Room 920, KK Leung Building ± Exam: 2:30pm to 4:30pm, Dec 16 ± Venue: LYH, Main Building Peer evaluation of the term project ± 5% for the term project ± Send your evaluation to TA by email. It will be kept strictly confidential. ± Put a share of contribution to each of your group mate including yourself. All shares should add up to 100%. ± If our TA does not receive your email by Dec 1, we assume that you put equal share to all members of your group. ± Note that this evaluation is a different one from your evaluation for the tutorial session (whether or not you have the same group of people)....
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Econ0602-Review - China ± You should also be able to...

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