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Tutorial-instruction - ECON 0602 Instruction for tutorial...

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ECON 0602: Instruction for tutorial sessions z Each group will be given one article to read, to present and to lead the discussion in one session. z Only one paper will be discussed in each session. z You will be assigned the paper at least one week ahead to prepare your preparation. z Students who do not belong to the presenting group should actively participate in discussion, by asking questions, answering questions and providing comments. You may not do this in every session, but you should do this at least once in the whole semester. z You should attend the session assigned. Attending other sessions will not be counted. z The TA will organize and take note in each session. Your performance, as the presenter or non-presenter, will affect the 10% of the grade in the category of “attendance and participation”. Special note to the presenting group : z When you group is assigned a topic to discuss, you (the whole group) need to write a one-page summary based on the assigned article. This summary helps your discussion. Hand in the summary to TA after the discussion. The summary
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