GAP2_Exam1 - Name ___________________ Physics DePartment...

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Unformatted text preview: Name ___________________ Physics DePartment Duquesne University PH212-01 GAP II Exam #1 Feb. 10, 2009 Read everythjng carefully! " ,.. This test covers Chap[ers 2 1, 22,24. There are 5 multiple-choice questions worth 5 points each, and 5 long-answer questions worth 15 points each. There are 100 points possible. PartiaJ credit wiU be given, but only if you show your work and your reasoning is clear. So show your work/reasoning on all problems. 1. Two uncharged; conducting spheres, A and B, are held at rest on insuJating stands and are in contact so that charge may be transferred from one to the other. A positively chargeq. rod is brought near sphere A as suggested in the figure. While the rod is in place, the two spheres are separated. How will the spheres be charged, if at am Sphere A Sphere B ,aw, .. ",.' , .. ) . positive positive b) positive negative Q) negative p~ A B d) negative negative e) zero zero 2. ~ositive charge +Q i;s.,untfonnly distributed on the upper hal!,.c~f a semicircular ro.d,<and . ',. negative charge -Q is uWfonnly distributed 6n the lower half. What is the direction o'f the electric field at point P, the center of the semicircle? the electric field at point P, the center of the semicircle?...
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GAP2_Exam1 - Name ___________________ Physics DePartment...

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