GAP2_Exam3 - Name _---'-K-'--'E==-,'Ii--_ Physics...

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Unformatted text preview: Name _---'-K-'--'E==-,'Ii--_ Physics Department Duquesne University PH212-01 GAP II Exam #3 Apri128,2009 Read everything .YITY..,.carefully! This test covers Chapters 28 - 30. There are 5 multiple-choice questions worth 5 points each, and 5 long-answer questions worth 15 points each. There are 100 points possible. Partial credit will be given for the short answer questions, but only if you show your work and your reasoning is clear!!! 1. An electron (which is negatively charged) enters a region that contains a magnetic 'fi:el'd directed into the page as shown. The velocity vector ofthe electron makes an angle of 30 with the +y axis. What is the direction of the magnetic force on the electron when it enters the field? C -........--<--=- v' r-:-:- " )( 13 an "',nmi,"e' of600' above the positive x axis xxxxx X X X X X x X X X 2. "Which one ofthe following statements best explains why a constant magnetic field can do no work on a moving charged particle? a) The magnetic field is conservative. b) The magnetic force is a velocity dependent force. c) The rna eti' a scalar quantity. d), The magnetic fcirq~ ,is 'ilways perpendicular to the velocity,bfthe particle. : ': e) The electnc el assQciated with the partiCle cancels e e ec 0 e magnetic field on the particle. 3'. lri class, the erst~hil.e:,f>.hysi?s professor demonstrates how-a Spe~er works by atta~hirig , it to a radio and playing mll?ic. Name the hvo necessary ingredients ofthat speaker (apart from whatever is used for amplification; the radio is-not part of the speaker)....
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GAP2_Exam3 - Name _---'-K-'--'E==-,'Ii--_ Physics...

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