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Week 8 Checkpoint - Energy Resource Challenges

Week 8 Checkpoint - Energy Resource Challenges - T he three...

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The three renewable energy sources described in the Energy VLR are wind energy, solar energy, and bio fuels. Wind energy is the use of the wind to spin turbines and create energy and is a good source of renewable energy. Solar Energy is going in popularity 75% of the population is in favor or its use. Solar cells are hoped to supply homes with energy in the near future. Solar concentrators collect beams of energy from the sun that become capable of powering motors. Some citizens believe that the use of wind power is not reliable enough because they fear that winds will not be strong enough on an everyday basis to spin the turbine. Solar energy also has its challenges. For solar energy to be must be used on a large scale to be effect. Every individual may opt to use solar energy, but the panels used to collect the solar cells needs a large amount of space, which is not always available. Bio fuels are fuels made from corn or harvest wastes such as the stubble and stalks left behind after harvest. Ethanol is a fuel that is made from corn.
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