Week 7 - Checkpoint - Terrestrial Resource Plan

Week 7 - Checkpoint - Terrestrial Resource Plan - Solid...

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Unformatted text preview: Solid Waste Melissa Krol SCI-275 January 4, 2010 Click to edit Master subtitle style Instructor: Timothy S. Griffin, Esquire Axia College of University of Phoenix 9/7/10 Solid waste: Any unwanted or discarded materials resulting from Residential, Commercial, agricultural, and household activities. 9/7/10 Disposal of Solid Waste {97C30C91-71FA-4433-BDF7-F87F435DD619} {162DB1B2-F2AD-420A-8E9A-F3FC4DADB6DD} {469A9276-7EDA-49CF-8AE8-CCBFB599E7D1} {0DF9B30C-B42B-4762-B630-BB5897671777} pen Dumps Landfills Incineration Sanitary Composting 9/7/10 Management Plan {B0433117-5582-47B1-BD6F-B4455BB5677C} {DC2E2433-F2A0-48EA-83EC-2F9CF1FDC745} {33EEA4BB-0FB8-4DC7-AFC0-7AAC2D10193E} {26049F2C-2522-4C06-AC61-621A5941EC00} nt the 3-RReduce Recycle Reuse Principle 9/7/10 {A40C4D98-ED1C-497E-87A2-D07CE8E88232} {675CEF6E-C740-4B29-BD39-D40CAB876B59} {EE05AE51-B929-4206-8F50-E1762BFB4B4B} facture Buy recycled products of Recyclables of recycled material 9/7/10 ...
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